New Netball Season Comp Starting Soon


Social leagues, Competitive and

Fun family night Fridays.

Business Comp starting Soon on Thursday nights.

For more than 25 years our centre has been the sporting pulse of New Lynn...

...And since taking the reigns in 2007, Vaughan and Elle Wynyard have worked hard to ensure the facilities at Western are maintained to a high standard, replacing the nets and floor coverings only a few short years ago, they are committed to improving the playing experience for all teams across all sports.


Netball is played Monday to Friday; We play with no substitution limits and 4 x 8 Minute quarters.

Cost per game is $54 per team Monday to Thursday and $48 on Fridays.

Indoor Cricket is played on a Tuesday and the cost is $80 per team. 



                     INDOOR CRICKET

                   INDOOR CRICKET

                              INDOOR NETBALL

                            INDOOR NETBALL


Our space is also available for hire, from sports teams using the facilities for training to birthday parties, to corporate sports events, our team will provide professional assistance and education to ensure all participants, from novice to part time professionals enjoy their experience.

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